Public Speaking

Dr. Debbie Almontaser is an expert on Diversity, Interfaith Relations, and Public Education. Debbie regularly speaks on a number of topics such as:


  • Growing up Arab and Muslim
  • Women in Islam
  • Gender Equity in Islam
  • Muslims in America
  • The Commonalties and Differences Between Arabs, Muslims and South Asians
  • Cultural Competence in Treating and Nursing Muslim Patients

Interfaith Relations

  • Finding Common Ground Across Faiths
  • Searching for God: Will Your God Accept Me?
  • No Compulsion in Religion
  • What Our Faiths Say about Service

Public Education

  • Meeting the Needs of Arabic speaking English Language Learners
  • Refugee Students: Addressing the Whole Child Academically, Emotionally and Socially
  • Youth Voice and Leadership Development
  • Every Child Can Learn: Disable Your Mind
  • What You Need to Know about Your American Muslim Public School Teachers and Leaders