Public and Private Sector Cultural Proficiency Training

Bridging Cultures Group Inc. (BCG) is a consulting service that specializes in academic and cultural proficiency that enables people and communities to see themselves apart of a diverse interdependent world across racial, ethnic, and religious lines.
BCG specializes in cultural diversity training that humanizes Arabs, Muslims and South Asians to undo stereotypes and misconceptions. Additionally, we provide specialized cultural diversity training to undo stereotypes in all cultural groups.

Training is available to:

  • New York City Public School Teachers
  • Independent School Teachers
  • University Staff and Students
  • Social Service Workers
  • Corporations
  • Faith-based organization

This training will do the following:

  • Promote respect and understanding of diverse cultures, social, and ethnic groups, as well as sexual orientation and develop an appreciation of each individual’s unique attributes
  • Train how to avoid misunderstandings based on cultural differences
  • Identify cultural differences
  • Train how to communicate verbally and non-verbally with people of other cultures
  • Train how to understand the role of different cultural values and communication styles in work, ever day living, and teaching situations, and how to work effectively with people of different backgrounds