Bridging Cultures Group Inc

Laying The Foundation For BCG

As someone who has dedicated over twenty-five years of her life to Public Education, I remain relentlessly devoted to advocating for just and equitable education. As an educator who worked in the largest Public School System in the country, my cause has been working with school communities to embrace the great diversity in our school system and to provide students the best education possible.

The ultimate goal for education should be for all to rally around the idea that every child can learn if the appropriate elements for learning are in place. The elements I believe we need are as follows: creating a learning environment that is academically challenging, with curriculum that is meaningful and relevant to students’ cultural upbringing and experience; creating a learning environment that is nurturing and safe, one that values and celebrates every child regardless of their race, culture, faith or socioeconomic status; creating a learning environment that encourages student voice, and allows students to explore their ideas and aspirations so they may acquire the necessary skills to become well-educated and balanced adults.  We can do this and do it well if we free ourselves from the invisible barriers that exist in our communities.

As educational advocates we need to keep ourselves grounded in the cause of ensuring that every child’s right to education is protected. As an advocate of Public Education, I have come to understand that it is necessary for me to take my education work to the next phase: to create a positive working and learning environment where school leaders and teachers become more culturally competent to address the needs of the growing diverse student population.

The Bridging Cultures Group Inc. has been years in the making to address such needs. It is a combination of my work, experience, passion, and overall solution to the lack of multicultural education and sensitivity many students and teachers face in schools around the country. There’s huge misconceptions and lack of knowledge when it comes to cultural and religious differences, which can have negative effects on students, teachers, as well as the functionality of the school. BCG offers comprehensive training, presentations, lectures, and support for schools. BCG is also equipped to help organizations revolutionize the way they approach multicultural issues in the workplace. BCG is a bridge connecting cultures bonded by understanding, diversity, education, acceptance for all who cross.

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