K – 12 Education Settings

Bridging Cultures Group Inc. (BCG) is a consulting service that specializes in academic and cultural proficiency that enables people and communities to see themselves apart of a diverse interdependent world across racial, ethnic, and religious lines.

Academic Support

BCG offers professional development for general education and special education teachers working with Arabic speaking ELL students in the following areas:
  • Provide an understanding of English language acquisition, development, and academic content in lesson planning and instruction.
  • BCG also offers translation services for ELL (English Learning Learners).
  • Translation services for Standardized Tests in NYC Public School.
  • Provide parent support in Arabic and South Asian languages.
  • Provide training to understand the relationship between language acquisition and literacy development.
  • Provide training on how to integrate academic content and English-language proficiency standards with instruction in teaching methods and assessments.
  • Provide methods for implementing instructional strategies that ensure that academic instruction in English is meaningful and comprehensible.
  • Provide demonstration lessons on how to implement strategies that simultaneously integrate language acquisition, language development, and academic achievement.
  • Provide a “strategies toolkit” for teachers that furnishes ways to enhance and improve instruction for struggling students, based on assessment results.
  • Provide coaching and lesson study.
  • Identify Cultural Differences.

Translation Services

With the growing number of ELL students in NYC Public Schools, BCG translators are providing educational assistance to students during State Standardized testing, Regents, and other State exams. We also provide translation services for workshops, PTA, Parent-Teacher conferences, and IEP Evaluations. To learn more and see our rates, click here. BCG is a New York City Dept of Education approved vendor # BRi715904.

Cultural Proficiency Training

BCG helps schools turn cultural barriers into opportunities to establish scholastic and at-home connections and collaboration through the following areas:
  • Create targeted professional development for educators on Arab peoples, Arabic language, and cultural studies to undo myths and misconceptions about the diverse communities of the Arab World and their immigrant populations in the U.S.
  • Provide the basis for U.S. Public School teachers to understand the cultural needs of and effectively communicate with public school students whose families migrated from the Arab and Muslim world;and equip teachers to help such students bridge the gap with their non-Arab non-Muslim peers.
  • Promote respect and understanding of diverse cultures, social, and ethnic groups as well as nontraditional sexual orientation and develop an appreciation of everyone’s unique attributes.
  • Learn how to avoid misunderstandings based on cultural differences.
  • Learn how to communicate verbally and non-verbally with students and colleagues of other cultures.
  • Understand the role of different cultural values and communication styles in work, everyday living, and teaching situations, as well as how to work effectively with people of different backgrounds.
Our workshops address issues such as:
  • Understanding cultural differences in the school setting
  • Becoming aware of stereotypes
  • Testing assumptions about behavior
  • Working with non-native English speaking students and their families
  • Discovering how personal values affect teacher-student interactions

School-Wide Academic and School Climate Evaluation

The objective of a school-wide evaluation is to provide the school board and the school administration with a comprehensive review of the school’s instructional practice and school climate. This evaluation will identify the school’s strengths and areas in need of improvement. The evaluation will culminate with a comprehensive report comprised of an analysis and expert recommendations.
With such school-wide evaluations, BCG provides professional development and coaching. Professional development and coaching to school leadership and instructional staff development includes, teachers, school based instructional or administrative staff, guidance counselors, college and career advisers, social workers, paraprofessionals, and parent coordinators. Professional development and coaching is available across content areas, with an overall focus on improving the classroom environment for student engagement, learning and leadership development of teachers, while providing best practices to prepare students for a college education and work.