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Join the Team

How to Apply

We are always happy to have consultants, trainers, professionals, and educators to join Bridging Cultures Group and share their knowledge and expertise to create a better and more inclusive world. Working with us will connect to a wide client base and will connect to clients. You have the freedom to set prices for your services. BCG does requires a 20% fee. If you have the requirements we’re looking for, please apply to become a consultants with us!


When you work with BCG you do not have to ever worry about being billed, joining is completely free. Clients will make payments to BCG by the end of the month and after the processing fee is subtracted, you will receive a payment the following month for the services provided. BCG takes a 20% fee on every project to cover our administrative costs. Please read our Terms of Use before signing up.


Before applying, please send your resume and cover letter to