Bridging Cultures Group Inc

Educational Services

K-12 Education

Bridging Cultures Group Inc. also specializes in personnel training in effective integration and education of English Language Learners and Special Needs students in a K – 12 school setting.

Bridging Cultures Group Inc. specializes in academically and culturally supporting Arab, Muslim and South Asian refugee children, through academic support and cultural competency training in schools.

Academic Support

Bridging Cultures Group Inc. offers professional development for general education and special education teachers working with special needs and ELL students in the following areas:

Curriculum Design

Bridging Cultures Group Inc. develops curriculum and professional development sessions for school teachers, administrators, and organizations to incorporate culturally responsive materials into their curriculum.

Workshops and Training

The Consultants Behind Our Success

Dr. Debbie Almontaser

Salma G. Waly

Simran Jeet Singh

Zipporiah Mills

Hana Mangat