Bridging Cultures Group Inc

The Cultures’ Culinary Coalition

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In response to the increasing number of migrants arriving in New York City, our emergency food program is dedicated to providing immediate and essential food services. Our mission is to ensure that all individuals receive nutritious, culturally appropriate, and organic meals.

About the Coalition

Our program is driven by a passionate coalition of locally owned minority businesses, dedicated to uplifting the New York City and New York State community. We aim to keep all NYC/NYS funding within the local economy, ensuring that every dollar benets our neighbors and enhances our community’s well-being. By partnering with local enterprises, we deliver high-quality, culturally appropriate meals while bolstering the economic health and resilience of our community. Together, we prioritize NYC/NYS first, creating a robust and supportive network that thrives on local success

Services We Provide

  • Meal Preparation and Delivery:
    ◦ Three culturally competent organic meals and snacks daily.
    ◦ Compliance with NYC Department of Health guidelines on nutrition and food safety.
  • On-Site Support:
    ◦ Catering staff available 24/7 during all meal services.
    ◦ Food safety checks during and after meal periods.
  • Logistics and Coordination:
    ◦ Attending vendor shift changeover meetings to relay food quantities.
    ◦ Ensuring all requirements for food safety and storage are met, including proper refrigeration and equipment storage.
  • Customization and Dietary Accommodations:
    ◦ Ability to customize meals to cater to specic dietary needs such as vegetarian, vegan, glutenfree, and other special diets.
    ◦ Ensuring all organic meals respect cultural and religious dietary practices, providing halal and kosher options when needed.
  • Quality Assurance:
    ◦ Regular quality checks to maintain the integrity and freshness of organic ingredients.
    ◦ Continuous monitoring and evaluation to uphold the highest food safety standards.
  • Operational Readiness
    ◦ Our team stands ready with a fully trained and dedicated staff to ensure smooth and efcient service delivery. Key roles include:
    ◦ Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QAQC) Manager
    ◦ Site Catering Lead
    ◦ Logistics Supervisor
    ◦ Operations Manager
    ◦ Strategic leadership and administrative oversight


Our emergency food program is dedicated to providing high-quality, nutritious, and culturally appropriate organic meals to those in need. We are equipped and ready to respond swiftly to the needs of our community, ensuring that everyone receives the care and support they deserve.