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Discrimination and hatred for multiculturalism is becoming very apparent in the once tolerant and diverse countries. In recent news, Australia Day 2017 put up a billboard that showed the people of Australia and included two little girls wearing hijab to show diversity. Saying that some people (far right groups and anti-Islam United Patriots front) were upset by it, is an understatement. For people to call the advertising company, QMS of Australia Day and threaten them because of a billboard depicting multiculturalism, is an example of the growing trend of hate against Muslims across the West. This massive hatred for multiculturalism, has unleashed the face of discrimination, hate for anyone different, and the green light for people to be openly racist and intolerant.

 As the world becomes more and more diverse, it’s important for these groups of people who do not want to accept multiculturalism to educate themselves and see it in a new light different than what has been shown to them through the media and through sheer ignorance. Victoria’s multicultural affairs minister, Robin Scott was not pleased with the removal of the billboard and says, “Anyone who considers this a victory needs a refresher on the true meaning of Australia Day,” Scott said. “It is about bringing people together and celebrating the diversity which makes this state and this country great.“It’s very disappointing to see a small minority attacking proud Australians for their love of their country.”

In this day and age, intolerance for people who are different in race or faith is a HUGE step backwards for mankind. This is something people have already fought for and WON. Why is it turning into a new battle? This is the time where education is the ultimate weapon to disarm hate any where it creeps up! Through education programming such as cultural diversity training and the like, can shed light on this subject and help people see multiculturalism as something wonderful and an important part of our humanity.

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