Mission & Vision

Bridging Cultures Group (BCG) is a consulting service that specializes in academic support and cultural proficiency that enables people and communities to see themselves a part of a diverse interdependent world across racial, ethnic, and religious lines. Our vision is to provide a tailored academic support and cultural-competency presentations and professional-development programs for the public and private sector.

What We Do

Public and Private Sector Cultural Proficiency Training

Bridging Cultures Group (BCG) specializes in cultural diversity training that undoes hurtful stereotypes and misconceptions about Arabs, Muslims, Southeast Asians, and other marginalized groups.
Cultural Proficiency Training provides participants with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to work well with, respond effectively to, and be supportive of people in cross-cultural settings.
Cultural Proficiency Training will turn cultural barriers into opportunities to establish one-on-one connections and collaboration. Trainings are available to K-12 schools faculties, universities, corporations, faith-based, cultural and civic organizations, health and law enforcement personnel, and private companies.

K – 12 Education Settings

BCG specializes in effective integration and education of English Language Learners (ELL) and Special Needs students in a K – 12 school settings through tailored professional-development modules.
  • BCG also specializes in academically and culturally sensitive support for Arabic-speaking refugee children, through academic support and cultural competency training in schools.
  • BCG helps schools turn cultural barriers into opportunities to establish school and home connections and collaboration
These workshops will equip teachers on how to approach and address issues such as understanding cultural differences in a work setting, becoming aware of stereotypes, testing assumptions about behavior, working with (ELL) and non-native English speaking students and their families, and discovering how personal values affect teacher-student interactions.

Public Speaking

Dr. Debbie Almontaser is an expert on Diversity, Interfaith Relations, and Public Education. Debbie regularly speaks on a number of topics. For the list of topics please the button below