Internationally recognized, award-winning educator, speaker and authority on cross cultural understanding.

Dr. Almontaser was the founding and former principal of the Khalil Gibran International Academy in Brooklyn, NY. A twenty-five year veteran of the NYC Public School System, she taught special education, inclusion, trained teachers in literacy, and served as a multicultural specialist and diversity advisor. Currently,

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Bridging Cultures Group Inc. provides tailored academic support to K – 12 schools through professional development and cultural diversity training for the public and private sector, as well as public speaking. We are ready to speak at your school, university, and events to bring cultural awareness and opportunity.

What we do

Cultural Proficiency Training​

Bridging Cultures Group Inc. (BCG) is a consulting service that specializes in academic and cultural proficiency that enables people and communities to see themselves apart of a diverse interdependent world across racial, ethnic, and religious lines.

K – 12 Education Settings

Bridging Cultures Group Inc. (BCG) is a consulting service that specializes in effective integration and education of English Language Learners and Special Needs students in a K – 12 school setting.

Public Speaking

Dr. Debbie Almontaser is an expert on Diversity, Interfaith Relations, and Public Education. Debbie regularly speaks on a number of topics.


Leading While Muslim

The Experiences of American Muslim Principals after 9/11

There has been a sizable amount of research on how 9/11 has had an impact on public school communities, including students, teachers, and parents of Muslim identity. There is however a lack of study on Muslim principals of public schools. This book examines the lived experiences of American Muslim principals who serve in public schools post-9/11 to determine whether global events, political discourse, and the media coverage of Islam and Muslims have affected their leadership and spirituality. Such a study is intended to help readers to gain an understanding of the adversities that American Muslim principals have experienced post-9/11 and how to address these adversities, particularly through decisions about

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